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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

The Iceman's
Prehistoric Use of Medicine
Iceman's Birch Fungus
The Iceman's Birch Fungus

On two strips of hide, attached to his clothing, the Iceman carried spherical forms made of birch fungus. This birch fungus served a medicinal purpose; the active ingredients of the tree fungus stop bleeding and act as a disinfectant. More about the birch fungus, the Iceman's natural laxatives, and antibiotics follows in the newspaper article below:


Iceman's Prehistoric Use of Medicines

1 - Discovery of the Iceman

2 - Recovery of the Iceman

3 - Medical Examination of the Mummy

4 - The Iceman's Clothing

5 - The Iceman's Tools and Equipment

6 - The Return of the Iceman to the South Tyrol

7 - The Iceman's Prehistoric Use of Medicines

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